OneRepublic’s ‘Oh My My’ Album Review


‘Oh My My’ is the newly released 4th album from OneRepublic.

I love the Deluxe album, and it is correct when Ryan Tedder describes it as a playlist, because every track is so different from the next, which is refreshing for an album as sometimes with some other artist’s albums it is sometimes hard to decipher from one song to the next. The music will make you concentrate on the lyrics, the beat, the rhythm, the meaning, the musical composition, the emotions in you it creates, in fact, when you listen to this album, you will forget yourself and any troubles you have, it is in fact musical therapy. It is an album that you will never tire of not only because of the fact that every track is different, there is pop, indie tracks, gospel, rock, hip hop and Country and Western, and contemporary. It will appeal to everyone whatever their tastes in music. The theme is ‘Human Love’ in all it’s forms.

My current favourite tracks from the album in order are described below.

1. ‘Fingertips’ is my favourite track on the album in how it makes me feel. I can feel the love in the lyrics and it is very touching. To be loved like that would be beautiful. I love his high falsetto voice in the chorus which Ryan Tedder is a master of. The music hits an emotional nerve. I think this song could be a hit as a single.
2. ‘Better’ is my second favourite track. I am addicted to the message and the rhythm of the track. It’s challenging to sing, and at the moment still struggle with the rhythm which makes it fun and challenging to sing along. We have all had times when we feel we have said a little too much, especially after a glass of wine, and on twitter, when inhibition is dulled. Admitting to the taboo subject of mental health is honest and unites us all as we have experienced this idea that we may have lost our minds, even if we haven’t but are just overwhelmed by emotion.  I think the song will be a hit as a single.
3. ‘Let’s Hurt Tonight’  is a story of relationship problems, solving their issues in the bedroom. An adult themed song though that youngsters might not understand.


4. ‘Choke’ The lyrics tell a story of losing someone. It starts off very touching, but the gospel choir takes away the intimacy of the song. Instead of a love letter between a man and a woman, it ends up as a public crying out. I prefer intimacy, but I can see it working with big audiences and on TV particularly with royalty in the audience.

5. ‘Oh My My’ The song chosen as the title of the album. I love this feel good, up beat, fun, track. I love the base, disco beat and rhythm, perfect to dance to. It could be a hit with dance DJs and party goers. But even just listening to it in the car makes the journey more fun.

6. ‘Colors’ Love this track, love the slow music, it feels intimate, and love Ryan Tedder’s voice, how he just effortlessly breaks into falsetto. The metaphorical comparisons between black and white and colours make sense. I see this song in colours.

7. ‘All These Things’ I am in love with the lyrics of this song.
‘And give you the future you gave away’
‘And give you my youth for some million days” Take what’s broken make it new’
‘I’ve been lost but I’m here today’
‘I’ll be the drug that you can’t buy’
‘I’ll tell you the truth when it’s all lies’
Although the music is fun, I think it would have been better with more intimate music like ‘Fingertips’ or ‘Colors’.

8. ‘The Less I Know’ This feel good upbeat track is foot tapping, thigh slapping, table drumming track. Need music therapy? Listen to this track. it could be a hit as a single.


9. ‘AI‘ A collaboration with the legend Peter Gabriel. I love the theme of the song, an obsession with someone online. Wonder how many of us have had an obsession with a celebrity? ‘I just want my love automatic if artificial love makes sense’ Young teenagers obsessing over a pop star will relate to this as will mature adults who have been so badly hurt in relationships with those from their past, that they prefer to love untouchable celebrities than be in a relationship. Celebrities are celebrities because they are often beautiful and talented. But it is dangerous to obsess over pop stars because people in real life rarely match up. I think this is the message of the song.

Whatever your tastes in music, I am confident, OneRepublic’s new album ‘Oh My My’ will thrill you.